The Singles Dive

I’m not very fond of Valentine’s Day. I’ve never had a boyfriend (I know, I’m a loser), so I’ve never had a particularly “happy” Valentine’s Day.

Way to rub it in, yeah?

However, my friend, who left her city job to be the manager of a newly opened dive resort called Casa Escondida, decided to be benevolent and put together a mini event for her friends – the Singles Dive. I don’t usually go to these things because I feel too much pressure to be pleasant, but in support of my friend, and because it’s a dive anyway, I went.

And, as always, I’m glad I did.

The Single Divers! No new boyfriends, but a whole bunch of new dive friends!

First of all, Casa Escondida is a new resort owned by a dive instructor and a dive enthusiast, run by an accountant-turned-diver-turned-free-diver, staffed by locals in the ever-so-convenient location of Anilao, Batangas. In all my years of diving in Anilao, I’ve never tried anything other than Portulano, so seeing Casa Escondida was a pleasant surprise. Modern, airy, and clean, Casa Escondida is a good place for both divers and non-divers. Unlike Portulano, whose guests are mostly divers who require lots of peace and quiet therefore lights and sounds off at 10pm, Casa Escondida’s open and huge dining area is situated far from the rooms. Guests who wish to go drinking (and get wasted) can do so without being inconsiderate to other guests.

Rates are fair, and cheaper than Portulano by around Php 500 in general. You can check out the rates for each available accommodation here.

Taken from Casa Escondida Website

Casa is also on the other side of Portulano, which means exposure to even more dive sites that I don’t usually go to. Over the weekend, we went to four: El Pinoy, Arthur’s Rock, Batok Reef, and Koala.

I hate how my cheap GoPro can never capture the beauty of the world underwater, no matter how cold (temperature was around 25 C) or dark (sky was overcast the whole weekend) it gets. I was lucky to have a few good shots and footage, and if you listen to the video closely, you’ll hear someone delightedly screaming because of how alive the reefs were.

Whatever the trip is, any reason is always a good reason to dive. The diving community is one of the nicest and most open communities you can find, and making friends is so easy that I usually go on dive trips by myself and come home with new buddies.

So I may not have found the love of my life, or even just a one-night-stand (lol), but getting to meet this hilarious bunch of divers is worth the 2.5 hour drive to and 3 hour drive from the resort. Also, the current we swam against in all four dives.

Of course, what’s a dive post without dive photos?

A school of Mackerel at El Pinoy

Even more Mackerel at El Pinoy

A turtle chilling at Arthur’s Rock

The ever so clear and colorful Batok Reef

Another turtle at Koala


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